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Private Client - Greenfield

Deep retrofit of a 1960s detached house in Greenfield, new roof and mezzanine space and internal alterations. This project is the first retrofit in the UK to be certified to Passivhaus Plus standards, surpassing the traditional EnerPHit Plus retrofit criteria. The house is 'gas free', using a ground source heat pump and harnessing renewable energy with an entire roof pitch dedicated to solar pv. 

The existing brickwork walls are externally insulated using wood fibreboard which is finished with a painted render and vertical Brimstone Ash cladding and new first floor gable walls have been constructed using highly insulated timber I beam walls with cellulose insulation and clad in vertical Brimstone Ash cladding. The existing roof was removed and turned through 90 degrees and new roof constructed in a similar way as the new walls, forming a gable at the front and rear, making the most of the views across the garden and countryside behind. The existing ground floor was also removed and replaced with a new highly insulated slab with underfloor heating and cooling. 

See below for press information.

Project Team

Contractor: Apollo Construction Projects Ltd

Structural Engineer: Rawlings Structural Design Ltd

Solar PV: GB-Sol

GSHP: Kensa

Windows and MVHR: Green Building Store/21°

Certifier: Mead Consulting

Photography: Matthew Smith Architectural Photography


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