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What do you get for your money?

Architects fees can vary greatly and of course there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to setting out fees which is why we ask you a number of questions to be clear about your brief. We can then be clear about your fundamental requirements, what we can do and understand your budget from the outset which ensures that we can be as transparent as possible with our fees and provide you with a detailed breakdown in our fee proposals. 

Total fees are dependant on project complexity but a rough guide would be 8.5-10% of the expected build cost. This doesn't include the survey or any application fees. The percentage often decreases as the projects increase in size and will vary depending on additional requirements such as energy standard certifications. We will provide you with fixed cost stages so you know what fees will be due at each stage. 

We tend to break down our payments roughly along the RIBA Work Stages however, we do subdivide some of them to reflect different portions of work. Below is a breakdown of what we do in each billing period.

STAGE 0 - 2


  1. Establishing design brief with Client

  2. Arranging for a full measured survey of property to be carried out

  3. Drawing up 3D Revit existing plans and elevations of the property

  4. Producing initial scheme design(s)

  5. Holding meetings with Client

  6. Carrying out reasonable design scheme amendments

  7. Obtaining pre-application advice from the Local Authority (if appropriate)

  8. Advice on Health and Safety implications



  1. Preparing planning documents

  2. Liaising with external consultants and compilation of information

  3. Submission and monitoring of your planning application

  4. Carrying out amendments as required by the Local Authority

  5. If required, submission of Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate and/or submission of alternative scheme


Building Regulations 

  1. Preparing Building Regulation compliant details and drawings

  2. Liaising with external consultants and compilation of information

  3. Submission and monitoring of Building Regulation application

  4. Liaising with Structural Engineer structural design

  5. Carrying out U-Value calculations and component design

  6. Design of drainage and layout

  7. Design of foundation layout

  8. Carrying out amendments as required by Building Control

  9. Advice on water authority Build Over Agreements

  10. Advice on Party Wall matters


Specification and Tender

  1. Preparing the detailed construction drawings

  2. Producing basic M & E drawings highlighting lighting fixtures, electric sockets and radiator positions etc.

  3. Producing finishes, sanitaryware, electrical and opening schedules

  4. Preparing the Pricing Document (from which Contractors can quote on a detailed basis), Preliminaries (contract information) and the workmanship standards to be adhered to

  5. Producing tender package and obtaining quotes from Contractors

  6. Comparison of tenders and advice on possible cost reductions


Contract Administration 

  1. Discussions with chosen Contractor

  2. Discussions with Client

  3. Signing of the Contract

  4. Issuing of Contract Instructions for additions/omissions to the Pricing Document

STAGE 5 - 6

Site Involvement 

  1. Ongoing liaison with Contractor

  2. Regular site visits

  3. Valuations of works at stages

  4. Issue of Certificates for payment to Contractor

  5. Advice of implications for Client resulting from any changes during construction

  6. Agreement of final account

  7. Instigation of retention fund for period following completion of project to allow for any remedial work during the following six months

Discuss your ideas today...

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