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Private Client - Wheathampstead 

Certified Passivhaus Plus replacement dwelling in the heart of the village of Wheathampstead. 


This beautiful plot used to house an old, highly inefficient bungalow which was replaced with a highly efficient family home. The house is constructed from prefabricated timber frame panels which are insulated using cellulose insulation (recycled newspaper) and are factory airtightness tested to ensure that they meet the Passive House standard. The southern-facing roof slope uses solar panels as the roof finish. These further reduce the energy demands of the houses and supplement the hot water requirements, the rest of which are provided by an electric boiler, rendering the property ‘gas free’. The walls are finished in a mixture of render and locally sourced vertical British larch cladding which ties the house to its position on the edge of a large south-facing garden and provides a sustainable and breathable construction solution. 

The house makes the most of the natural light available on the site through a double height hallway with rooflight and gallery landing and vaulted bedrooms, providing an excellent internal environment for the inhabitants, which, when coupled with the MVHR ventilation system will create a very healthy living environment, free from pollutants and allergens.

See the build process below in the photos.  

Project Team

Contractor: Mars Building Group Ltd

Timber Frame: PYC Construction

Insulated Slab: Isoquick

Windows and MVHR: Green Building Store/21°

Solar PV: Solinvictus

Certifier: Mead Consulting

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