Sustainability - what do we do?

To us, the statistics speak volumes - as much as we all love designing and building new buildings, its not just new buildings that we need to focus on. We can offer advice and practical solutions on how to make your home or workplace more efficient, both in terms of energy and water but also economically. Making buildings more efficient with the right materials can make them more comfortable places to be in which in turn will make them healthier environments to be in as well as saving money on ever-increasing energy bills. Surely its a no-brainer?! 

We are keen to use natural and sustainable materials as much as possible and are more than happy to talk through different options for materials for all aspects of the build from cladding to insulation. Working with these materials for both construction and insulation can help buildings to 'breathe' and regulate moisture which can have very positive effects on health conditions such as asthma. These properties also work in tandem with conservation of old buildings in which moisture can also be a significant issue. If you want more information on 'green' building materials, GreenSpec is a great resource.

We are also interested in promoting renewable methods for energy generation and heating and are happy to talk through different options. For information about energy/water saving measures and alternative forms of energy generation and heating, the Information Service pages on the CAT  website are very useful. Air source heat pumps are becoming increasingly common and work really well with underfloor heating.

If the holistic approach isn't for you and you'd rather just create a super-efficient building with almost non-existent energy bills, maybe the German-engineered Passivhaus standard is more suitable, or the AECB Building Standard