The environmental benefits are probably fairly obvious:

  • Enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems - ranging from local parks and water courses to the Amazon rainforest

  • Improve air and water quality - keeping the local paddling areas clean for those warm summer days

  • Reduce waste streams - reducing the swathes of land used for landfill, freeing it up for better uses

  • Conserve and restore natural resources - allowing us to replenish forests and farm sustainably 

Some of the economic benefits are well known:

  • Reduce operating costs - keeping those ever-rising energy bills down

  • Improve occupant productivity - keeping employees healthy and happy goes a long way 

  • Enhance asset value and profits - making your home or workplace a more desirable prospect when it comes to sell

  • Optimise life-cycle economic performance - factoring in future maintenance and designing for deconstruction


The social benefits are often left unconsidered but are no less important:

  • Enhance occupant health and comfort - keeping family members and employees alike healthy and happy

  • Improve indoor air quality - helping to mitigate against health problems such as asthma and reducing damp 

  • Minimise strain on local utility infrastructure - freeing up energy to binge-watch the latest Netflix series

  • Improve overall quality of life - who doesn't want to feel happier?!