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Every Day's a School Day

Architecture and the built environment is an ever-expanding field of knowledge and we are constantly learning.

To further structured learning within the office, we sent Julie on a Green Register course run by Tom Dollard, Head of Sustainable Design at Pollard Thomas Edwards yesterday. The half-day seminar was based on his new book 'Designed to Perform: an Illustrated Guide to Delivering Energy Efficient Homes' and involved discussing common detailing and construction issues on new housing projects as well as drawing details of projects attendees were currently working on.

The principles of thermal bridge-free construction Tom discusses within his book are very much along the lines of PassivHaus detailing and what we are advocating in order to make houses as energy efficient as possible.

Julie’s feedback was “ It was a really useful and practical workshop, based on ‘real world’, on - site research, with lots of advice on how to design construction details that work effectively for builders and homeowners as well as satisfying standards on paper.”

If you're interested in an energy-efficient new build or refurbishment, or perhaps just fancy lowering your energy bills at home, why not give us a call?

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