The full architectural service

We offer a full architectural service from the initial meeting through to project handover which encompasses:

  • Full measured survey and production of existing drawings and 3D model in Revit, we may use a separate survey company to do the initial survey work 

  • Design ideas and client involvement 

  • Finalised design and planning/listed building applications

  • Planning appeals (if required)

  • Building regulation applications

  • Production of full specifications

  • Tender process and appointment of contractors

  • Site involvement and contract administration

In addition to these services we also offer the following:

Stand alone advice

  • Planning strategy advice

  • Planning enforcement advice

Stand alone appraisals


What can be done with this property? 


Should I move or extend?


How eco should I go?


Should I buy this plot?


Can I convert this building?


How can I reduce my energy bills?

Most of our clients have never used an architectural designer before and often want a few ideas to visualise before committing to employing an architect. We can visit you, discuss what your requirements might be and produce a couple of sketches (one plan and one 3D) to help you visualise what you want, provide you with professional feedback on your ideas and advise you on the right option for your requirements and budget


We'll help you decide whether there is scope to extend/alter your current property before you commit to moving and all of the costs associated with it


You might have heard about certain energy efficiency standards but you're not sure what they mean or what you really need or can afford to do. We can help find the right option for you


You've seen a plot online but not sure if you can get permission for a new house? We can advise on whether you're likely to get permission or what the obstacles might be

We've all driven past old farm buildings that we think could make amazing homes - we can help you decide whether that dream is achievable 

We can offer energy efficiency advice and carry out a comprehensive energy audit for your home and/or workplace

If you employ us to undertake one of these appraisals for you and it leads to a project, we will deduct the fee for the appraisal from the costs of further work.