Grade II Listed Barn, Wheathampstead

We are currently working on converting a Grade II Listed timber framed barn in the Wheathampstead area. The barn is of typical Hertfordshire vernacular with exposed trusses and a solid brickwork plinth. 

We have been working alongside the clients to reach their desired design outcome which has included modelling the barn in 3D and working out insulation details and service options.

The plan is to insulate between the timber studs with hemp batts held in place with a wood wool board with a lime plaster finish. This will maintain the aesthetics of the exposed timber studs externally. There will be a layer of woodfibre insulation externally beneath the timber weatherboarding to further reduce heat loss. 

We are going down the route of using an air source heat pump to run the heating system which will be an underfloor system where possible with a similar system running along the low plinth walls in a plaster finish to provide what is effectively a radiant wall.