Our example pricing packages for typical jobs will hopefully give you an indication of what our costs are likely to be. We can add more or fewer design options and services and we will tailor our packages to suit your requirements. Further information on our fees can be found below. 

Usual fee 

Excluding the cost of a measured survey, for extensions and alteration work, our usual fee is 7.5% of the net cost of the building works + VAT and is based on a full service, (summarised here) and the 7 stage RIBA Plan of Work. For new build dwellings, our usual fee is 7% of the net costs of the building works + VAT.

We will provide you with a fixed price for the measured survey in addition to these figures. 


The net cost of the building works would be based on an initial estimate of construction costs and adjusted when quotations are finally received. For the purposes of calculating fees, we will not include in the net cost of works, elements of the Contractor’s quotations relating to items with little or no design input, eg external kitchen or bathroom designs or external service engineer design.


1. Small scale projects

On projects of less than £30,000 - 50,000 that still require Planning and Building Regulation Approval, we may charge a greater percentage fee

2. Listed building work

Due to the complexity and detailing required, again we may have to charge a greater percentage fee, particularly on smaller projects

3. Larger new build schemes

Schemes with repetitive elements or multiple properties of the same style are likely to attract a discount

4. Passivhaus and Certification-based projects

These are likely to attract extra costs in respect of certification costs and extra detailing, calculations and site involvement

5. Commercial projects

Most commercial projects, particularly those over £250,000 are likely to attract a lower rate 

Any variations will be highlighted in the initial letter we send out to you inviting Instructions. 

Schedule of payments

Our fee invoices generally split into three parts: 40% for measuring up, scheme design and planning; 30% for technical design and tender and 30% for site involvement and sign off. More detail on this breakdown can be found here.

Additional charges

  • Fees payable to the Local Authority for:

            - Pre-Application meetings

            - Planning/Listed building applications

            - Building Regulation submissions and inspections

  • Build Over Agreement fees for drainage authorities for building over/near sewers

  • Application fees to connect to highways

  • Consultants (if required):

            - Engineers (very simple beam calculations can be provided in house)​

            - Party Wall surveyors (providing information to them is included in our fee)

            - Energy and noise consultants 

            - Landscape designers/arboriculturalists

            - Ecologists

Alternative fee proposals

Occasionally, when projects do not conform to the normal pattern of work, we may quote an hourly rate for work carried out.

  • Standard rate:             £85 per hour + VAT

  • Background research:   £70 per hour + VAT

  • Advocacy:                £100 per hour + VAT

Where there is a high degree of certainty regarding the work involved in a project we will consider quoting a fixed fee.

Can I save money by not involving you in the construction phase of the project?

Whilst we can quote for fees for taking projects up just to the Planning and Building Regulation stage, we would strongly recommend that you engage us to prepare a Specification of Works and Contract and stay involved with liaison with the Contractor and carry out Valuations during the course of the works.


During the course of most projects, Contractors will require additional information over and above what is required for Building Regulation approval in respect of detailing or options for which professional advice can be invaluable.  Making a mistake here can be an expensive one.


The use of a detailed Specification and identification of a recognised Contract under which the work is being carried out, gives both you and the Contractor protection and ensures that the work carried out is what you expect and ensures the cost you are asked to pay during the course of the works properly reflects the amount of work that has been carried out at that point in time. Unless you have experience in contract administration, looking to save on our fees in this respect can end up as a false economy.